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10 free email marketing tools that give you best results

Are you frustrated to see your low email open rate? Are you tempted to give up on email marketing ‘cause nobody reads your emails? Hey, you are not alone here. I had the same situation when I started out. 

But, as I advanced and learned new tricks and approaches, the email open rate started to skyrocket from Zero to 60% open rate. Thanks to my new approach in tackling the grave situation I had in the earlier days.

Today, I am going to release all my new approaches and strategies, tips, and tricks so you also could get the same result I get today even better than my result. So, be patient and read till the end and take action on it. 

I will be teaching you with the help of tools I have been using for FREE.

What is email marketing?

If you are new and wondering what is Email Marketing, then you are in the right place. At the end of this blog post, you will have a decent knowledge of what is email marketing.

It is a direct marketing tool. that uses email to promote the products and services of a company or an individual. It is a very important part of Digital Marketing that we can’t afford to miss out on.

Definition Of Email Marketing

The utilization of email to sell or promote the products and services of a company or an individual (like me) is called Email Marketing.

As mentioned above, it is an unavoidable part of digital marketing. If you have a product or service then you need email marketing.

It is one of the best cost-effective ways of digital marketing.

Simply, it is the digital marketing tool that uses email to promote your business. You send out email messages to your potential customers or clients to sell or promote your product.

Benefits Of Email Marketing.

How does email marketing work? Or, how do I do email marketing? There could be end numbers of question on email marketing. Will try to answer as much as I can.

Its usages are varied and you will be happy to learn that anyone one, be it business, NGOs, blogger, politicians, can used email marketing to reap huge benefit towards their goals.

  1. Brand Awareness- You can send out email messages to create your brand or products
  2. Sell your products or services- You can send out an email to your email list to sell or promote your products or services.
  3. It can be used as a means of good communication between you and your list or subscriber unless you don’t try to spam them.
  4. You can utilize email marketing services as a means to create a tribe that trusts you loyally and would buy it anything you sell.
  5. Traffic to your site- If you are a blogger or a business that runs a website, you can send out an email to your list to notify them that you have published a new blog or an article. Then your subscribers will click the link to your blog and ultimately land on your website.
  6. Low cost- Unlike other mainstream marketing like billboards, magazines, and television channels where you need a huge marketing budget you don’t need a huge budget to start email marketing. In fact, you can start for free.
  7. You can easily send out an email to thousands of email lists in just one click with the help of an email auto-responder.
  8. Higher conversion- You send out email messages to those who have signed up to your opt-in form. That means, they are already engaging and are highly convertible to sales. Which means that you are reaching out to the already engaged audience.
  9. Now, that you know why your email subscribers signed up to your opt-in form, you know what they are interested in. You can laser-target these audiences with what they are looking for.
  10. Build trust- Your email messages can really make it or ruin it. You can use email marketing to build credibility by sending out what your subscribers needs and interest. Your email should never sound like spammy. It will only land in the spam folder of your subscribers.
  11. Customer Service- Email marketing is also a great way to attend to your customers’ queries and issues they are facing. One email can satisfy them and solve their concerns.

Overall, email marketing is fun and exciting when properly treated like a fragile treasure. It can easily make a huge profit and at the same time, you can lose your subscribers easily.

Email Marketing Tools

Now let’s come to the topic of this blog- 10 free email marketing tools that give you best results.

What email marketing service is the best? as often asked by many.

Now that we know the benefits of email marketing, I will share some of the email marketing services or tools that can help you get started easily and crush it. Without the help of these tools or services, we cannot easily start email marketing effectively.

Find out which one of the services are the best.


Among one of the Best Free Email Marketing Services, Convertkit comes under top provider. Its varied features that come under FREE plans are more than enough get you started. Some nice features are:-

  • Signup Forms– You can create unlimited signup forms with their easy to use drag and drop system to capture leads. Moreover, you get a FREE signup forms templates.
  • Landing Pages– Not many other services provide you with landing page feature for free. But, convertkit comes with a FREE landing page feature. You can create unlimited landing pages for free.
  • You can manage up to 1000 email subscribers for free.
  • Easy email broadcasting system. Lots of options and settings to choose from.


In the second place, we have Hubspot. It is known for its varied digital marketing and sales services. Hubspot provides you all the necessary tools to get your online businesses to flourish well.

Among its free services, they also provide email marketing tools for free. What you get in the Free plan.

  • You can send out 2000 emails per month
  • According to them, it said that you can add up to 1,000,000 subscribers to the CRM.
  • They provide you FREE CRM along with the email marketing tools.
  • It has got an easy drag-and-drop visual editor.
  • It has got some cool email templates for you to get started quickly.
  • You can create signup forms in your own style with the help of varied editing options.
  • You don’t need any coding skills or any help from anybody.
  • In order to use their landing page, you need to upgrade to their marketing hub starter plan which will cost you $50/month.


Mailchimp is one of the popular email marketing services providers out there on the internet. They have a generous part of the FREE email marketing tool. It is one of the oldest email marketing services provider ever in the internet space. Their features are one of the best you get under the Free offer. Some of them are –

  • You can send out 10,000 emails per month to up to 2000 subscribers free.
  • You can create unlimited signup forms to capture leads from your website visitors.
  • You get some basic signup form templates to quickly get you started.
  • They give you some basic shoppable landing pages as well.
  • Pop-up forms or opt-in forms are available for your website under the FREE plan.
  • Easy integration with other 200+ apps.


In the fourth email marketing tools list, we have Sendinblue. Sendinblue is an email marketing automation tool. It has got some cool features in the FREE plan as well. Some of the features that come under Free plans are-

  • You can have unlimited contacts.
  • But, you can send only 300 emails per month.
  • Like other email service providers, it has got an email template library.
  • You get SMS marketing as a part of email marketing automation.
  • Also, Sendinblue provides you a chat feature.
  • But, you don’t get landing pages under the FREE plan. They do have landing page feature but for that, you need to become a paid members

For more details on Feature and pricing, please click here


Email Marketing System

I used Aweber in the earlier days of my email marketing journey. But now, they have banned my account for a mistake I have committed. I will tell you what mistake I did that resulted in the ban of my Aweber account.

I would like to stress the importance of this email marketing service. It is one of the best email marketing tools that most digital marketers prefer. It is not because of the features they offer. But, it is because of the email open and delivery rates. Its deliverable rate high and fast.

Now, coming to the features of Aweber-

  • Highest deliverability. I have experienced that one email broadcast to over 5000 email lists did not take much time and reach almost to every lists’ inboxes.
  • They have a FREE plan. But, this is only for beginners.
  • They allow only 500 email list and 3000 emails/month
  • They give you signup forms template for free which are just the basic.
  • But, you can create and customize your own Signup forms for free.
  • They have landing pages but you need to become a paid member in order to avail of this feature. A landing page is very important for digital marketers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers.
  • Here, you can schedule email delivery at any time of your choice.
  • If you upgrade and become a pro member then you unlock many other benefits and features like list building- signup form spit testing, you can remove AWeber branding, e-commerce sales tracking, and many others.

To join Aweber click here

6.Builderall Email marketing service

When it comes to Builderall, you got one of the best email marketing automation or all in one tool to build your online business. It does not only specialized in email marketing services but it also gives you an easy cheetah drag and drop website builder.

They give you free training on how to use their system, how to build a website from the beginners’ level. They have the complete online business solution you name it.

So, it has become a tough competitor for GetResponse autoresponder. Builderall is cheap while GetResponse is expensive.

Let’s now see some of the features they give you when you remain a FREE member.

  • You can have up to 100 subscribers when you remain a FREE member.
  • But, you can send out unlimited emails per month
  • Easy drag and drop email automation
  • Easy signup forms and signup form templates available for you.
  • You can create landing pages or you can use the landing page template.
  • You get up to 3 websites for free
  • Up to 1GB disk space
  • Cheetah drag and drop website builder available for you.
  • and many more…

To try out ==>>go here for the awesomeness of email marketing services

7.Sender Email Marketing tool.

The Sender email marketing is purely an email marketing service provider. They focus on high deliverability and has a dedicated IPs for heavy email marketing people.

You can remain FREE forever and reap the benefits of it. Their Free plan has lots to give you.

  • You can have 2500 email subscribers. This is awesome guys. No other email marketing services give you this much.
  • You can send out 15,000 emails/month
  • Sender tool is ready to help you automate your email follow up sequences, remainder, responses, and perform email campaign segmentation.

8.Omnisend Email Marketing Service

Omnisend is yet another email marketing tool. They mainly focus on eCommerce. Their easy drag and the customizable templates make it so easy and handy to create and start sending beautiful emails.

They give you a number of beautifully designed signup forms for free. They are easily customizable to fit your brand.

Not only that. They also provide SMS marketing automation. You can send out messages seamlessly to your customers’ mobile phones.

9.Constant Contact

Constant contact is nothing different from other email marketing tools. It is one of the email marketing automation tools. But, it is more than just an email marketing tool. It provides you with overall marketing services.

Constant Contact marketing service has many other services. You can create a website with the help of built-in marketing tools. This will help your business to gain exposure to the masses online.

They help the user to set up an eCommerce store quickly. They provide all the necessary tools to get your Shopify store up and running in no time.

You can used your Facebook and Instagram ads to attract more leads to your website.

Key to keep in mind- They provide you 1 month FREE trial.


SendPulse comes with some awesome features, unlike other email marketing services. On top of email marketing, they give you the web push features. Web push notification gives instant notifications to all your subscribers.

They also give you the SMS marketing facility. With this, you can send messages with discounts, deals, and order confirmations.

Transactional emails- It triggers a transactional email from your product purchases or projects.

They’ve got all the email marketing facilities. They have got a cool signup form templates. Easy drag and drop builder. You can have up to 500 subscribers and send up to 15000 emails per month. All these are under the FREE plan.

Check it out for yourself – Click me

With that I would like to call it a day. But, this blog will keep getting updated. Till then, please subscribe to our new letter. You will get tons of benefit from my blog.

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