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4 Digital Marketing Course Available For Free

In my previous article, I have well elaborated and answered: “what is Digital Marketing”. Today, I am going to write on 5 Digital Marketing Courses you can join for Free and get certified. So guys let’s get started.

NB– I am not affiliated with any of the institutes I mentioned below nor I earn money from them when you join them. I just have the genuine willingness to help people out there looking for the Free Digital Marketing Course With Certifications

As usual let me begin with a question.

Q. Have you been looking for a Free Digital Marketing Course with certifications?

5 Free Digital Marketing Courses With Certifications

If you are still looking for a free digital marketing course that will earn you a certificate then you are in the right blog. There are a number of paid digital marketing courses. But as a financial constraint beginner, we would always like to start off without spending money in the first place.

So, even if you don’t have money but, you really want to start learning Digital marketing then you don’t have to worry about it. I have a list of digital marketing courses that you can join and start learning right away.

As you are looking for some free digital marketing courses online I am assuming that you are aware of what is Digital Marketing and its benefits. If you are not yet familiar with what is digital marketing that please go here and read it.

1. Digital Garage From Google

In the first list, we have Digital Garage By Google. It is an online digital marketing course created by Google in collaboration with IAB Europe and The Open University to learn digital marketing for free.


In this platform, Digital Garage provides you with a wide range of Digital marketing Topics and training modules. If you are a beginner I would strongly recommend you start with the Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing which consists of 26 modules.

  • Self – paced learning – The video classes are already available for you to get started anytime you want. So, you can complete the course at your own time and space.
  • Unlimited Access – You have no bound to access the course. It’s available to access for your lifetime.
  • Video Tutorial – A systematic and easy to understand video explanations are set available for each class followed by a short test to check your understandings.
  • Recognized Certification – The value of the certificate is so high that it will make a big impression to your employer or your interviewer or maybe your clients (if you run a digital marketing agency). It shows your clear understanding of the core concepts and skills of digital marketing. It adds volume to your CV. The certificate is presented to you after you have successfully passed the final examination. It is endorsed and signed by the president of Google EMEA, CEO – IAB Europe, and The Open University.

Below Sample of the certificate from Google Digital Garage.

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Image source: Google Digital Garage

Now, master the fundamental digital marketing course for FREE created by Google and accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

How It Works

In order to achieve the certification you must go through some crucial stages.

  1. You need to complete all the 26 modules
  2. After, you have to take the final examination that consists of 40 questions.
  3. And, if you pass the exam you will be awarded the certification. Then, you can download the certificate and showcase your new qualification in your CV.

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a digital marketing course for free with certification, what could be better than Google Digital Garage digital marketing course?

Click here if you have a burning desire to become a digital marketer.

2. Udemy

On my second list for a digital marketing course, we have Udemy. It is an international online learning platform. It has almost all the education fields and subjects. You name it. It has it. Udemy is one of the reputed online institutes that’s available for all walks of life

There are both Free and Paid courses available in any field you choose. But here, I will talk about free digital marketing courses with certification. Udemy awards you with a certificate after you complete the course.

Key feature:

When we talk about the features of the courses in Udemy, they are almost the same with Google digital garage.

  1. All courses are in video form available online for you once you enroll in it.
  2. You can start and finish any courses at your own pace. No rush and no pressure from anyone. You just have to create pressure and urgency yourself if you have the desire to learn digital marketing.
  3. It has both a Free and Paid digital marketing courses. You can start with free ones if you have a financial issue. By the way, the paid courses are not expensive at all. Most of the courses are under heavy discounts which are under $12.00
  4. At the end of every course, you will be awarded the institute recognized certificate accredited by the course instructor.

I have got many certificates from Udemy a long time back. Below is one of them. Just a small sample as proof.

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Click Here for the free digital marketing courses you’ve been looking.

3. Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak is another well-known brand in the field of digital marketing. My digital marketing journey has been immensely impacted by Digital Deepak.

The founder and the instructor of Digital Deepak is Deepak Kanakaraju from Bangalore. He has worked with many other brands like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo, and Razorpay. He has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing. He blogs actively about digital marketing.

Right now, he is the owner, founder, and head of marketing in Pixel Track. With the love to share and impart his seasoned digital marketing knowledge and skills to all people around the globe, he created free digital marketing courses with certification.

Key Features Of The Course

This is a Basic Digital Marketing course created for you.

  1. It has 25 video classes online
  2. You get guidance for your digital marketing career right from him.
  3. You get free access to the Learn Digital Marketing Forum.
  4. All these 25 video classes are downloadable.
  5. Upon the course completion, you will be awarded a certificate of completion

Course Contents-

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Getting Your First Website
  3. Learning Digital Marketing with Your Website
  4. Paid Advertising
  5. Advanced Digital Marketing (Updated the course with advanced learning recently).
  6. Bonus Videos

The Certificate

I got the certificate of completion from and as a loyal student of him, I was offered many other Free Digital marketing courses. I am proud to show you the certificate here.

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Click here to join the course.

4. Hubspot Inbound Marketing

Hubspot is another best place to learn digital marketing. It focuses mainly on inbound marketing which is the best form of digital marketing. Before going further, let’s understand what’s Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing method where you attract the attention of customers and prospects through content. It is one of the best ways to convert prospects into buying customers. Also, it is cost-effective and anybody can start it.

Hubspot teaches you Inbound Marketing in this course. Moreover, HubSpot has a number of other Free Courses that teach you digital marketing and reward you with certification.

Key Features

You can browse around on other courses that are available for free. It teaches you on content creation, content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, and many more.

They key feature of this course are:-

  1. It is an online video course that’s available for a lifetime. You can start and finish the course at your own convenient time.
  2. There are 10 lessons available for you on this particular course.
  3. There are 34 video lessons, and
  4. 8 quizzes to test your progress.
  5. Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded certification from Hubspot Academy signed by the CEO of Hubspot.

Below is how the certificate looks like.

Image source: proideators digital marketing institute

Click here to join the course.


Given the above four digital marketing course are just to get you started. The fact is digital marketing is a vast subject and you cannot just master by joining some courses online. The only way to be a good digital marketer is through practice and constant learning.

Digital marketing is a never-ending process. What I mean is that it keeps changing. What works today may not be working tomorrow. That’s why there is no perfect digital marketer in the world. So, keep your digital marketing skill up to date by learning

I hope this help you. Please don’t leave without commenting below. Thank you for stopping by.

If you want to learn what is digital marketing in details please read my previous blog here

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