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Are you a digital marketer? Are you a beginner in the field of digital marketing? Are you just starting out to learn digital marketing? Or, are you a good digital marketer but looking for some tips and tricks to learn the technicality of digital marketing?

Hey everyone, welcome to the “about me” page. I’m glad you are here to learn about me. But, fortunately, it’s about you. I am not some kind of celebrity to tell you about my hobbies and all those personal gibberish here.

I am a professional digital marketer. I created this blog for you so that you could benefit from it. Impart you with digital marketing skills so you could also shine in life as many do.

It’s all about digital marketing. You see digital marketing has dominated the marketing field. Businesses are migrating from the traditional marketing system to a new era of Digital Marketing.

Why should you even care about this website?

Are you wondering why you should even care about this website? Well, I got to tell you that Digital Marketing is an endless story.

I mean, there is no limitation to learning digital marketing. There is no perfect digital marketer or a digital marketing guru.

Digital marketing is an evolving form of marketing. It keeps changing over time. So, what you’ve learned about digital marketing today may not be in use tomorrow.

You may be the best today but you won’t be tomorrow. Because digital marketing gets updated and upgraded over time.

Therefore, you need to stay updated and upgraded about your digital marketing skills. Because what worked yesterday may not work today.

I have been learning digital marketing since 2016. Things have changed a lot in the digital marketing platform. Therefore, I kept learning and keep updating and upgrading my digital marketing skills. So, I know what I am saying.

Can this person help me?

You may be wondering if I can help you. Well, long answer short. I have been practicing, updating, and upgrading my digital marketing skill since 2016. That’s about 4 years of experience.

I love digital marketing. I am a passionate digital marketer. I have learned so many things that I can teach you and equip you with digital marketing skills. I am a dedicated digital marketing nerd or whatever you want to call me.

Every week I come up with a new blog article that will enrich your skills. Quality content is all I am concerned about when writing a blog. I aspire to inspire you and enrich you with the digital marketing skillset.

Components of digital marketing

Digital marketing is a vast marketing platform. It is an integration of different online marketing platforms. The different forms of digital marketing are-

  • Google Adwords
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Display ads
  • Bing ads

These are the main digital marketing platform where businesses carry out their marketing activities. Its part of them is vast in itself. I will come up with content around these marketing platforms. So, stay tuned…

This page will keep updating. So, what you read today might not be there tomorrow. I am just kidding. In fact, this page will keep updating…

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I also own a digital marketing agency business. Please visit the website here: https://www.oxyvirk.com


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