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Aweber Unbiased Review 2020- Should You Really Join Them?

Aweber Unbias Review- 2020

Having doubts about whether Aweber would be the best fit for your email marketing business? Well, I will reveal and expose the reality of Aweber in this blog post. So, read till the end and you will be sure if Aweber is the best fit for your email marketing business.

First of, it would be wise to know what is Aweber? And, What it does?

What is Aweber?

It is an email marketing software tool or app that is designed to help you

  • create powerfully simple newsletters for your email list.
  • build up your email list from scratch.
  • create signup forms from scratch from the wide range of beautifully designed signup forms templates.
  • create email automation with the help of autoresponder.
  • transparently check the statistics and analyze your email marketing campaigns.
  • create and design a beautiful landing page for your affiliate marketing email campaigns.

Now, we can look back a little interesting history about Aweber.

History & Facts About Aweber

Aweber, Aweber reviews, Email marketing,

Aweber is founded by Tom Kulzer in 1998. It is one of the oldest email marketing companies that have more than 120,000 customers from around the globe.

They are an expert in this field of email marketing. No doubt about it. They are one of the best players in the email marketing industry.

Aweber is headquartered at 1100 Manor Dr. Chalfont, PA 18914, USA, with estimated employees of 134. And an estimated annual revenue of $20Millions.

Video Introduction To FREE Aweber

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

Their System- What do they have?

Let’s now check out their system. Aweber is considered one of the premier email marketing app that has been around for quite a long time now. That means they have some promising tools for you and me inside of them.

They are good at what they do. They send a lot of emails. And that’s what they teach you and help you do what they do to be successful in email marketing.

Now, let’s see how they do this one by one.

Smart Designer– They provide you with AI-powered smart email templates that enable you to create amazing professional-looking emails in just a few seconds


Landing pages– Their landing page builder with beautifully designed templates help you easily create a visually-stunning landing page that you can get your business up and running in no time.


Drag & Drop Email Creation– They have got this easy drag and drop email creation system. You don’t have to be a coder. It’s all self-explanatory. It helps to create your own custom email design fast and easy. No coding required.


Free Template Library– You are really backed up by their wide range of FREE pre-built templates of everything you are looking for like email templates, signup forms templates, and landing page templates which is all free to choose from. This is really exciting. You save your valuable time there.


Auto-Newsletters- You can definitely automate your newsletter by creating a broadcasting email so that whenever you publish a new article or a blog post your subscribers will receive the content through email. That’s the beauty of email marketing. By following this process you not only retain your subscribers but also retain traffic for your new blog post.

Emails and Campaigns Automations – You can create a personalized and automated email campaigns that saves you a ton of time in your hand. And, your email automation does the rest of the work for you without even lifting your finger.

You can create a one time email followup sequence that triggers and flows emails and delivers it at the set times and dates. It keeps delivering email messages seamlessly without you even lifting a finger.

Tagging automation is one of the best feature that enables you to tag specific people in your list. That way, you can better identify people in your list and reap better email marketing results.

A personalised communication is very important when it comes to email marketing. Our email messages should not sound like a sales pitch or an automated triggered email. You get respond to offers more often and fast when your direct email campaigns triggers the right people using the tagging and dynamic content.

So, every emails should be designed and written in such a way that your target people in the list value your email contents. That’s the key to a successful email marketing.

By automating your perfect email campaigns, you save your valuable treasures – time and effort. It saves you a ton of time leveraging email marketing campaigns.

Aweber Pre-built analytics and reporting– Aweber will show you with every report and analytics of your email campaigns so that you can analyze the overall results of your email marketing campaigns.

Once you log in to your Aweber account you will be taken to the dashboard showing you the instant report of open rate, delivery number, and clicks of your email broadcasting.

Data matters. So, the reports consist of your key performance indicator. Your email campaign report will show your performance- how it has been working (good or bad) that shows you room for improvement.

Mobile Reports– Aweber is totally responsive to mobile and tablet devices. They have got apps for you to access your email marketing campaign reports so that you can analyze it anytime on the go.

Optimizing your efforts by integrating split testing enables you to test multiple email compositions. You can test your email subject lines, body messages to see and check which one performs better and effectively.

Engaging Your Audience – Build your email list and manage them easily and effectively to reach more people with the right content and offers at the right time at any place.

Subscribers management– You can manage your subscribers’ list effectively and categorize them according to your offers and niche or content. That way you can send an email to the right intent who will respond. It will save you time and perform your work fast and easy.

Quick Segmentation– You can manage and organize your list in such a way that it makes more sense to you, more recognizable and understandable to you.

Concierge Migration Services – If you already have a list somewhere else, then they will help you get migrated to your Aweber account in no time at no cost. Yes, the concierge migration service is done at no cost and you’ll be ready to get started. They help you with a complete account migration, fast with no cost.

Your subscribers’ list, landing pages, signup forms, tags, segmentation, and more will be migrated safely by the experts’ team in Aweber for 100% free.

Learn more about aweber. Click here

Integration with other business systems is important in today’s world of technology and an innovative business environment. So, Aweber offers you the compatibility to connect with hundreds of connectors for many commonly used business systems.

Aweber made it super simple, fast, and easy to connect your email marketing with the rest of other business systems with the help of native integrations.

Aweber Pros And Cons

Now, let’s look into some of the pros and cons of the Aweber email marketing.

1. Easy to use email marketing tool1. Free Version comes with limited features but good enough for starters
2. Beginners friendly system2. You can have only 500 email subscribers with Free Version.
3. Free to Get Started3. Free version not ideal for people with more than 500 email subscribers.
4. Customer support team available 24 hours.4. You cannot join as a free member if you already have email subscribers more than 500.
5. Free Forever until you build up your list of up to 500 subscribers.5. Expensive when compared to other services. But, affordable of course.
6. Great deliverability. That’s what matters most.6. You need to upgrade to a paid version once you reach 500 email subscribers’ list.

Aweber Pricing

All FeaturesProFree
Email sendsUnlimited3,000/mo
List profilesUnlimited1
Create and send newslettersYesYes
Email automationYesYes
RSS to emailYesYes
Drag-and-drop email builderYesYes
100s of email templatesYesYes
HTML emailsYesYes
Dynamic contentYesYes
AMP emailsYesYes
Hosted broadcast archiveYesYes
Thousands of professional imagesYesYes
Email Split testingYesNo
Behavioral automationYesNo
Branded click-tracking linksYesNo
Remove AWeber brandingYesNo
Landing Pages
Unlimited landing pagesYesYes
Beautiful landing page templates for a variety of goalsYesYes
Thousands of professional imagesYesYes
Video landing pagesYesYes
Google Analytics and Facebook pixel trackingYesYes
Custom URLsComing SoonComing Soon
Remove AWeber brandingYesNo
List Building
Sign up formsYesYes
WordPress pluginYesYes
Sign up form split testingYesNo
Tagging subscribersYesYes
Send to basic segmentsYesYes
Save and send to custom segmentsYesNo
Simple subscriber and message analyticsYesYes
Advanced message analyticsYesNo
Advanced audience/account analyticsYesNo
Webpage trackingYesNo
Ecommerce Solution IntegrationYesYes
Sales trackingYesNo
Cart abandonment / Purchase taggingYesNo
Team/Account Management
Unlimited usersYesYes
Free MigrationYesYes
24/7 Live Support – Phone / Email / ChatYesYes

Well, the above Aweber pricing is definitely affordable which is only $16.15/mo. You become a PRO member and avail all the PRO features to sky-rocket your email marketing business. What all you need? If you doubt then, test the system with the FREE membership and upgrade when you want.

Mistake I Committed

One tip to get your Aweber account safe and protected from account suspension is – never to upload email ids that you get FREE out there from Google search. I did this mistake in my initial days and got my account suspended. They even warned me not to create a new account. I was screwed.

I lost the original lists that I built myself and my hard works there. A lesson to learn there. This practice is not allowed with any legit email marketing companies or systems.


Aweber is a great email marketing tool that has been existed from the beginning of the email marketing business. Now, I am not saying this is the only best email marketing tool that exists today. But, It is one of the strongest email marketing systems that existed from the initial days.

This Aweber review is not only to highlight the good parts of it but also to pinpoint their limitations and weaknesses. I hope that I have acknowledged them all here in this review post.

I am affiliated with Aweber. That doesn’t mean that I am sold to them just because of some commission. This is my honest and unbiased review.

If you like this review, please comment below and tell me what you feel about this.

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