Email To My Ideal Customer Avatar- Call Center Employee

Distressed and fedup call center employee

Subject Line: Learn Digital Marketing and Change Your Career from a Call Center Employee to a Digital Marketing expert Hi John, I know what it’s like to be a call center employee. I have been there working in a BPO job toiling all night long grinding the hell out of it. I had no other … Read more

Top 12 Eye-Opening Lessons On Marketing Fundamentals From Digital Deepak Internship – Week 2

This is a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch 6

Digital Deepak Internship program Batch 6- week 2 Week 2 class was on the fundamentals of marketing where I learned pretty much everything about the law of marketing. If you are also interested to join the Digital Deepak Internship Program then CLICK HERE to apply. The top 12 thought-provoking lessons on the law of marketing … Read more

What does your 2.0 Version look like?

One fine day in the year 2007 Dinesh Paul left His hometown for a bright future in the national capital, Delhi. But, not so bright as he lived on. He had been struggling a lot financially. His dream of further education was a failure. Started working in a call center that kept Him awake during … Read more