How Is Digital Deepak Internship Program Unique? Is It Worth It? My Honest Reviews

Are you looking to learn digital marketing through an internship program? You are on the right blog. Keep reading as I am about to start my reviews on one of the UNIQUE digital marketing internship program. Yes, you read it right – the unique digital marketing internship program that has never existed.

What is Digital Deepak Internship Program?

I hope you have heard about Digital Deepak. Before I talk about the internship program, it is important to know who is Digital Deepak, the creator of the dig

Digital Deepak, Deepak Kanakarajuital Deepak internship program.

Digital Deepak is the digital form of Deepak Kanakaraju. You can meet him at He is a famous digital marketing blogger and author who has published some best selling books on Amazon. He is one of the top digital marketers and consultants in India who co-founded one of the top digital marketing agency called, Pixel Track.

If you want to learn more about him, you can ask uncle Google. He knows a lot about Digital Deepak.

That was a short intro about Digital Deepak. Now, let come to the main topic.

First of all, I would like to let you know that I am an intern with the Digital Deepak Internship Program batch 6 and I am about to graduate from the internship now. I am writing this review out of my own experience with the Internship Program.

Digital Deepak Internship Program is a unique interactive online Digital Marketing course. It is a 12 weeks course with 4 weeks bonus classes on special topics.

Why Is It Called A Unique Course?

Have you ever get paid to learn? Well, if your answer is ‘NO’ then you would be excited to know that you are being invited to get paid to learn a premium Digital Marketing course through Digital Digital Deepak Internship Program. Digital DeepakDeepak Internship Program. Here, you are paid for every assignment you complete every week. You are given one assignment every week and if you complete the assignment then, you are rewarded with cash directly to your bank account.

The main concept behind this model of “get paid to learn” is to motivate and inspire interns to complete the course and put it into practice whatever they have learned in the class.

Any online course I have purchased did not work well because I never complete the course. I would start the course initially but would stop continuing to watch and learn from the online video classes. I hope you can relate to me. 

What I meant here is that majority of us never complete an online video course. Why? That’s because our motivation and inspiration died down as we proceed.

But, unlike all those online courses, Deepak Kanakaraju has come up with a unique course that motivates and inspires people/students to keep learning by doing rewarding financial cashback.

That way, whatever you have invested at the time of enrollment to the internship program will be refunded in the form of cashback. And, finally you are learning digital marketing for FREE.

Who Is this Internship Program For?

  • Wannapreneur: Any individual who is curious and ambitious to build a business & follow the road of entrepreneurship.
  • Students who want to build a bright career in Digital Marketing.
  • Working professionals with unstable and unreliable jobs who would prefer to start their own business rather than doing 9-5 shifts.
  • Who wants to change their career job to a digital marketing career.
  • People who want to start or scale up their business.
  • People who want to start a Digital Marketing agency business and earn money.
  • Who wants to earn money through affiliate marketing and blogging.
  • Who wants to create an online course and scale it with the help of digital marketing.

Learning By Doing- Digital Marketing Practical knowledge

Certificates are not good enough to prove your efficiency today. You need practical knowledge. People will always be interested in what you can do. Not your certificate. Digital Deepak internship program is much more than just a fancy looking certificate but focuses on practical drill more than the theoretical grasp.

Digital Deepak Internship Program enlightens you with both theoretical and practical command. That’s why you can see the result even before the completion of the program which is outstanding.

The Internship Course Content 

As I mentioned above there are 12 weeks plus 4 bonus weeks in the internship program. Digital Deepak has created and crafted this internship course in a way that all the interns would tap into all the digital marketing parts. That means a T shape learning like that of an MBBS course.

For instance, in the MBBS course, students are taught all the parts of medical subjects. But, once the student completes the 5 years MBBS course, he or she chooses a specific subject to pursue and master.

In the same way, during the Digital Deepak Internship Program, you will be taught all the digital marketing subjects and once you complete this internship program, you will have a wide range of specialization options. One could opt for SEO specialist, PPC specialist, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, Copywriting, content writing, Freelancing, Affiliate marketing, and many more.

So, below are a sneak peek of the course content-

Week 1- success Mindset

Week 2- Marketing fundamentals

Week 3- Niche Clarity

Week 4- WordPress Blog

Week 5- Content Strategy

Week 6- Social Media & Networking Mastery

Week 7- Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Week 8- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Week 9- Facebook Ads

Week 10- Google Ads

Week 11- Email Marketing Automation

Week 12- Sales and Conversion

Bonus Weeks

Week 13- Personal Branding and Dream Job

Week 14- Affiliate Marketing

Week 15- Digital Freelancing

Week 16- Digital Mentoring

The above course content may get changed or modified over time as per Digital Deepak to make it even better. The internship program has got better and better as it advances day by day.


As an intern in the Digital Deepak Internship Program, I am fortunate enough to sharpen my digital marketing skills and grow my own business online. I know it has helped me a lot and I can’t thank enough to Deepak sir. So,

Like I have mentioned above the internship program is a T shape program and it’s not a specialization program. All the parts of digital marketing will be tapped and taught but that will not be sufficient enough to be specialized.

You will need to learn in-depth on a certain or a particular topic. Digital Deepak will be coming with more specialization internships like Google Ads specialization internship program and SEO internship program.

But, the digital Deepak internship program is what I would suggest you get started with and start building your career as a digital marketer. It’s powerful enough to change your life.

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