Real Estate Problems And Solutions

2 Main Real Estate Problems And Solutions In This Day and Age

No.1 Real Estate Problems And Solutions

As a real estate agency owner, what are the pain points we have, and how do we go about it to solve these pains and miseries?

The no. 1 pain point is getting leads for your listings. After we start a real estate business, got the property sellers or listings. Now, what? Of course, we have to find customers/clients for the properties.

So finding clients is the No. 1 problem in the real estate business. Do you agree or not? This is the first pain where most of the real estate agency owners are going through.

Some may say, ‘No getting buyers leads is not my 1st pain’. Well, you may be right but most people don’t get the highest quality or qualified leads.

They don’t get the leads as per the proper listings they have. They just buy leads from some random third party that converts nothing. Later, they get frustrated and quit.

They just relied on the traditional ways of marketing their real estate business. They would market on radio, print media and go for big and expensive hoarding that will not convert instantly or never converts but, they are burning their wallet for these traditional marketing systems that are no longer viable and scalable. And later, their business collapse.

Introducing Integrated Digital Marketing For Real Estate Business

This is the time of an online digital marketing era. If you and your business are not present online then you are digging your own business’ grave. Consider digital marketing.

Start solid Digital Marketing strategy. Develop an integrated digital marketing system and start running ad campaigns on Google and Social Media like Facebook and Instagram. Follow the Integrated Digital Marketing funnel below:-

integrated digital marketing
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Q. What is Integrated Digital Marketing?

  • It means using all the digital channels in a way that complements each other and boosts each other.

Q. How does Integrated Digital Marketing Works?

  1. Here in the diagram, Quality Content is the central foundational piece from which we can grow integrated digital marketing.
  2. You can see Email lists, Paid ads, Search Engines, Social media, Sales, and Copywriting everything fits neatly into this one full process.
  • Content: Foundation Of Communication
  • Good content gets attention
  • Without attention, you cannot build trust or make sales.
  • Content is the central piece in the integrated digital marketing system
  • Every Element is going to give a boost to content.
  • This quality content (blog post) is shared across Social media with your followers.
  • Once you have quality content, Search Engine will naturally start getting some signals from your website and they will start sending traffic.
  • Now, Search Engine Traffic Can contribute To an increase in social media followers.
  • Search + Social = Faster Growth
  • Email Marketing Email gives a possibility to customize based on users’ behavior which is possible with social messages. Sending customized and personalized email increases the open rate and click-through rate. 
  • You can build an email list through and lead magnet (Free Ebooks, Free Guides, and tips).
  • Announce new content to the email list.
  • Content drives the growth of the email list. And email drives traffic to your content.
  • Now, accelerate everything with Paid Ads.
  • Paid Ads help you gain initial momentum. It can drive traffic to your landing page to get email subscribers. You can promote content to retarget the audience.

Option 1.

Go at it alone and spend hundreds, probably several thousand figuring this stuff out, getting frustrated and wasting 3-10 years of your life

Option 2.

Hire a Digital Marketing Expert with a proven system  that is crafted and designed solely for a real estate business and who has not just done it but actually mastered it and is the best in the world at it

If you don’t know how to go about it then, you must hire some digital marketing agency to run ads for your real estate business. This will allow you to focus on other important tasks of your business like contacting the leads and showing them the properties and all other paperwork while the digital marketing agency keeps supplying you the laser targeted qualified leads for your listings.

The No. 2 Real Estate Problems And Solutions

One very critical mistake that most real estate agents are committing is that they do not work according to geographical mapping. That means when someone asks you which geographical area do you work, then you tend to answer randomly by saying, “which area or location do you want. I can show you in any location”. This means that you don’t have expertise in any of the areas.

Geographical Expert

So, the most crucially important thing in this business is having expertise or specialization in a particular geographical area.

Take a map and circle the area you want to work on and start researching in the area and become an expert on that chosen particular area. know the ins and outs of the area so that you are confident enough to explain to your client without even showing them

This doesn’t mean that you will be working in that area for the whole of your life. But if you make your starting point strong in that area then there will be nobody to compete with you in that area. This will also build confidence and trust in your clients while you explain to them the locations and the properties in that area.

Then, you can expand your area or location gradually. So, the most important thing is to identify which area and how much area you want to work on.

I hope this blog article helps you. If so, please comment below and share with your networks.

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