What does your 2.0 Version look like?

One fine day in the year 2007 Dinesh Paul left His hometown for a bright future in the national capital, Delhi. But, not so bright as he lived on.

He had been struggling a lot financially. His dream of further education was a failure. Started working in a call center that kept Him awake during night times. He did not get paid too well for his job. Juggling around with his roommates in a single room.

Soon, he got married in the year 2011 and blessed him with a beautiful daughter in the year 2014. But nothing worked out well financially as he was still working in the call center job that barely paid him.

He thought to himself that there could be something he could do on the internet to earn money.

Soon, He developed his passion for digital marketing and blogging. He joined many digital marketing training courses both free and paid versions.

Then he had been waiting for a breakthrough working here and there trying to perfect his skill. He tested and tried many online jobs stuff but didn’t work out well yet.

But, at the end of 2020, he joined the Digital Deepak internship program that started with a POWERFUL presentation from Digital Deepak himself. That was on “SUCCESS MINDSET”.

The presentation lasted for 2 hours where he mainly talked about a self-transformation from a current self to a new 2.0 version of self. The internship lasted for 18 complete weeks which was a major turning point for Dinesh Paul’s life.

Fast forward to this day of the year, 2025, he has experienced a lot of success in his career as a result he could enjoy financial freedom.

The 2.0 version of Dinesh Paul is a way different version of the 1.0 version of him. He becomes more disciplined and hardworking. He could accomplish many tasks in a short time. He can focus more on his duties well. He doesn’t give up on things He started so easily like he used to.

He is physically fit now and has reduced his weight from 85kg back in 2020 to 67kg now in this day of the year, 2024. He looks pretty younger than before as he cut his weight drastically.

Now, he is a successful digital marketing mentor and a teacher teaching people across the country and even internationally. He could fulfill his dream of spreading awareness and setting a digital marketing institute in his own state, Manipur.

He became truthful to himself and others and never cut corners. All he has achieved is through pure hard work and dedication backed by a worthy mentor, Digital Deepak.

He can visualize his dream vividly and achieve them through hard work and determination. The 1.0 version of him could not complete reading even a single book. But, now he can read one complete book that has 500 pages in one single week. Hmm.. quite an accomplishment.

He gives his gratefulness to his mentor digital Deepak for all those hand-holding guidance that has transformed him tremendously to advance his career and lifestyle.

Now, he has multiple sources of income coming in from his different businesses without even giving much attention to some of them.

Now, he has achieved many things in life like, happiness, paid off all his mounting debts, built a dream home for himself and his family. And, most importantly he can go on vacation whenever he wants wherever he wants.

Last but not the least, it has been one of his big dreams to be able to give his parents a happy life living together with a comfortable life. Finally, he could achieve that too.

What could be better than 2.0 version of self? Maybe, 3.0? 4.0? and so on… Well, he is working toward his new versions.

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